Loft Film Fest

If you're in Tucson this week, the Loft Cinema is hosting its Film Festival today through the 17th. Featured films include Melancholia, Into the Abyss, Mozart's Sister, and the 10th anniversary of Donnie Darko, among many others. This is an excellent time to take advantage of the Loft's eclectic selection of films.

Quick update

Our Executive Producer, Nathan Shelton, is very busy with his production business (Desert Penguin Media) and will give us details soon.

Also look for updates from other CoyoteMoon Films people. We have much to look forward to.


Faith-based films; The Mighty Macs

This post was written by our friends and colleagues, Mick and Vicki McCarville.

Faith-based, Christian-themed, inspirational. Whatever you call them, these movies are becoming very popular. The most influential movie that comes to mind is The Blind Side which grossed $256 million.

If you haven’t seen Soul Surfer with Anna Sophia Robb, Helen Hunt, and Dennis Quaid, go rent it. You will be awed.

Now The Mighty Macs is in the news and gaining momentum. Writer/director Tim Chambers said in a recent interview with Joseph Airdo of the Phoenix Movie Examiner:

As a filmmaker – and as a father – what I wanted to do in making this movie was give us a choice to say, “This is what we can go see this weekend as a family,” Chambers explains. Whether you are 8 or 88 years old, this is a movie that you can go see. I feel like the industry needs to give families more choices when it comes to the big screen.

I saw The Mighty Macs with my wife and another couple. We all agreed that we liked it. It is hard to explain why these movies keep working. Maybe it is just the good feeling one has walking out of the theater. Maybe it is the underdog factor or the simplicity.

Are these types of movies becoming popular because stories of character, honesty, integrity, perseverance and inspiration have been missing from our theaters?