La Raza; "Se Habla Español" DVD on sale

Unfortunately, Howard Allen's interview with La Raza 1210 did not happen as planned. It will be recorded tomorrow to play on Friday morning early.

In other news, DVDs of "Se Habla Español" are available online (visit our website). They are also available at both Borders and both Barnes & Noble stores in Tucson, as well as at the Tucson Museum of Art and La Buena Tortilleria, which is featured in the film.


Howard Allen on the radio

La Raza 1210 AM will interview Howard Allen this Wednesday (tomorrow) at 8:00 AM. Host Mario Calis will discuss CoyoteMoon Films and "Se Habla Espanol." La Raza's website is here.


Launch Event: Se Habla Español

Last week's launch of "Se Habla Español" was a success.

Our director, Howard Allen.

Our star, Jessica Montalvo.

(Photos courtesy of Ginia Desmond.)



CoyoteMoon Films has a twitter account, which is likely to become much more active after tonight's launch of "Se Habla Español." You can follow us here.

Launch Event: Se Habla Español

"Se Habla Español" launches tonight at 7:00 pm. We are excited to see our film on the big screen with a live audience.

Our director, Howard Allen, has high hopes for CoyoteMoon Films, and "Se Habla Español" is only the beginning:

It takes a village of talented people to make a good film, and many of Tucson’s best took a chance on me and the new CoyoteMoon Films company to make this movie. Plus, CoyoteMoon has already assembled a team of highly acclaimed and successful industry consultants, including successful Arizona film company execs. In the current film marketplace an extraordinary opportunity is developing for micro-budget “renegade” independent films. Movies with outstanding production values comparable to Hollywood fare, and movies with a strong character-driven stories that stays with you long after viewing. We believe that a film’s success depends on more than the size of its budget. Every movie begins with a script -- with all of the magic and passion that a writer brings to the project. Then a CoyoteMoon Film will work with the best Arizona and national talent to bring unique characters to life. CoyoteMoon Films wants to follow Se Habla Espanol with our blues-music story, our magical healer story, our detective film-noir story or others we have in development.


Links - Coyote Moon Films in the News

Here is a link to the newspaper article mentioned in the previous post.

We have also received some kind words from the Tucson Weekly, which you can read for yourself here.

The Start of Something Big

The launch event seems to be shaping up nicely.

M. Scot Skinner had some kinds words for director Howard Allen and "Se Habla Español" in this morning's Arizona Daily Star (in the Caliente section).

We hope to have a strong turnout for the event, which takes place this Saturday, November 7 at 7:00 pm at the Crossroads Cinema. Admission is $8.


Press Release: "Se Habla Español"

For Immediate Release
Nov. 7, Saturday, November 7, Crossroads Cinemas at 7pm

Coyote Moon Films releases their first short film, "Se Habla Español: A Christmas Poem," that includes a special Tucson DVD extras package.

Join their special guests, the filmmakers of "Time And Again (Una y Otra Vez)" that recently won Best Narrative Short Film at the Los Angeles Film Festival. The producer Diana Wade is from Tucson. And CoyoteMoon hopes to also bring the award winning writer/director Antonio Méndez Esparza in from New York.

The filmmakers at Coyote Moon Films are using "Se Habla Español" to introduce Tucson to the film company, which has several feature film scripts already in development. And the filmmakers of "Time And Again" have a chance to enter their movie in the Oscars Short Film competition.

The films go together in a couple wonderful ways: "Time And Again" is neo-realism with minimal production values but amazing cinema verité storytelling. "Se Habla Español" is highly produced with the latest technology, professional actors and a music score. Both are non-linear in the storytelling—more slices of lives--told well. Both have themes associated with the Latino culture inside the larger Anglo culture.

The DVD package for "Se Habla Español" includes a fun documentary, ”Even a Gringa Can Make A Tamale,” a photo montage entitled “Tucson: Two Cultures,” and a “Behind The Scenes” video that will make a fun Christmas present for and about Tucson

Meet the filmmakers, casts and crew. Admission is only $8.

A link to the theater is here.
Crossroads Cinema 4811 E. Grant Road Tucson, Arizona 85712 (520) 327-7067 info (520) 326-2929 office


Digital Art - "Se Habla Español"

For those who missed the "Arizona Illustrated" segment on Digital Art that included footage from Coyote Moon Films' short "Se Habla Español," it will be featured on KUAT's art journal, "ARTe," on Wednesday, October 14th at 9:30 pm, with an encore presentations on Sunday, October 18 at 2:30 pm and Sunday, October 25th at 10:00 pm. More detailed information about the show in general and this episode in particular are here.


Launch Event: Se Habla Español

CoyoteMoon Films will have its Launch Event showing Se Habla Espanol with Time And Again (winner of L.A. Filmfest) on Sat. Nov. 7 at Crossroads Cinema (Tucson, AZ) at 7pm. And we will have our “Christmas Present To And From Tucson:” the DVD package of Se Habla that includes Even A Gringa Can Make A Tamale, Behind The Scenes and a Ken Burns-style photo montage, Tucson: Two Cultures, featuring Tucson’s best photographers.


"Se Habla Español," etc.

"Se Habla Español" is complete, and we're looking forward to our launch, which we're planning for the end of October. More details as they become available.

The trailer is updated and can be viewed here.

Also, the local PBS station, KUAT, aired a piece on its newsmagazine, Arizona Illustrated, about digital technology that featured some footage from "Se Habla Español" and its accompanying making-of featurette. The direct link is here, and you can download the MPEG-4 (26.1 MB) from here. Our footage begins at about 1:20, and is reprised at the end of the piece.


Trailer, "Se Habla Español"

View the trailer for "Se Habla Español" on DVD, the perfect Tucson Christmas gift this year:

(If the video doesn't work, you can find it here.)


"Se Habla Español"

"Se Habla Español" is almost complete. We have a very little bit of ADR and then the music and the final mix. Our side projects, "Even a Gringa Can Make Tamales" and "Tucson: Two Cultures" are taking shape. We should have a DVD with all three pieces soon.


"Se Habla Español" update

Coyote Moon Films' first short film, "Se Habla Español," is well into postproduction. We will update here when the film and its website are ready.


ScriptDoctor's Contest of Contest Winners

From Howard Allen, the Script Doctor himself, as well as our own fearless leader, comes this announcement of:


There are dozens of screenwriting competitions held annually across the country. But which screenplay from among the winners of all of these quality competitions is the best of the best?

All of us at ScriptDoctor.com are amazed at the response – well over 70 entrants -- in this the fourth year of our Contest. To show our gratitude, we took the extra time and expense of getting two judge’s evaluations emailed off to every single entrant in the Contest.

Who is the best of the best? The Contest of Contest Winners ™ hopes to answer that question and shine the spotlight on these accomplished, award-winning screenplays. A good showing in this contest proves your script stands out among the toughest competition. What a priceless marketing tool for your screenplay!

Our top ten Finalists also receive free Final Draft software.

Also as promised, we are directly contacting more than 400 publications, agencies and production companies with the names and screenplays of our 10 Finalists. Our access to major studios and production companies is aided by the fact that many of our judges are working professionals. This includes Rick Schwartz, a partner at ScriptDoctor.com, who has worked for many years as a Senior Story Analyst at DreamWorks SKG and continues there in a freelance capacity.

Our First Place Winner receives the cash prize, storyboard software from FrameForge 3D, a free set of Story Notes from ScriptDoctor.com (valued at $700), as well as all of the prizes given to the top ten Finalists.

We would like to thank our sponsors and the great response we got from all of the contest winners who entered. We remind everyone that some Entrants qualified by being Quarter-Finalists or Semi-Finalists in certain contests like the Nicholl Competition (see our web site for details).

And now our winner:

The Afterglow by James Walker
In 1976, an aging pacifist hippy and a one-armed Vietnam veteran, both relics from a bygone era, become unlikely allies running from the law.

Contact: jjmwalker@gmail.com

And our Finalist winners:

BLOOD TRAIL by Paul Byrne
Devastated by the brutal murders of his fiancée and his police partner, a troubled homicide cop must team up with his estranged father to stop a serial killer who mysteriously resurfaces after 30 years.

Contact: paul.byrne@hocmc.org

CONTROLLED by Craig Cambria
An obsessively controlling young man fights for his life, and re-evaluates it, when he is held captive by a uniquely twisted psychopath.

Contact: crcambria@comcast.net

Direct Descent By Margie Kaptanoglu
"Unraveling the mystery of her mother’s death leads an insecure young woman to a shocking discovery regarding her own true identity."

Contact: margiebk@comcast.net.

FINAL STATUS by Timothy Jay Smith
A Mossad agent, troubled by his assassination of a Palestinian politician falsely-accused of terrorist ties, risks his marriage, career, and ultimately his life to help the man’s widow and break the cycle of hatred that he has helped to perpetuate.

Contact: timothysmith.paris@gmail.com

When an aging movie star is forced to care for his six-year old grandson, he must come to terms with his mortality or risk being cast aside from his career and family.

Contact: adammoser82@gmail.com

A washed up porn star struggles to become the first male flight attendant in the early 70's.

Contact: nicoliorama@yahoo.com

The Knuckleballer by Mike Murphy
An obscure minor leaguer battles the effects of his war injuries to become a rookie sensation when he knuckleballs Cleveland to a shot at the 1948 World Series. The true story of Gene "Lefty" Bearden.

Contact: mountpisgah@yahoo.com

THE MIKADO by Tarance Gibson and Walter Bauer
Joao Bulhom is the consummate Jesuit, successfully serving the Church, his king and the greatest warlord in feudal Japan. But Fate forces him to consider a question he never expected: can he serve two Christs?

Contact: bauerwf@comcast.net

Three stories packed with chills, each with its own devilishly clever ending. It’s a new and classic horror anthology: An edgy “Twilight Zone” meets a scary “Creepshow”. Driving, one dark and rainy night, two girls are forced off the road. They wake up imprisoned, as their captor makes the two his captive audience for a hand-sele cted trio of horror films.

Contact: juptrcrsh@aol.com

Ten Shots of Tequila by Ted Gurich
Two feuding sisters approaching forty must travel to Mexico to return a suave bail jumper. It’s “Thelma & Louise” in “Romancing The Stone.”

Contact: Tedgurich@roadrunner.com

White Flight by George Scholomite and Lyn Scholomite
In the “Madmen” era, in the early stages of the civil rights movement,
there was a time when blacks and whites lived together with polite respect for each other. “White Flight” is the story of a white family that makes its living serving the black community on the South Side of Chicago, and then feels pressured to leave the neighborhood by that very same black community.

Contact: ccgguide@voyager.net and lyn.scholomite@advocatehealth.com


Arizona Daily Star

A feature story on Writer-Director Howard Allen of Coyote Moon Films ran in the Arizona Daily Star today. You can find it here.


San Xavier Mission

Coyote Moon Films would like to take a moment to express our gratitude to Father Steven of San Xavier del Bac Mission for the use of the beautiful church. The Mission continues to undergo restoration, which you can read about here, and if you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to help fund this effort, you can send it to: Patronato San Xavier, P.O. Box 522, Tucson, Arizona 85702.

If you're ever in the Tucson area, a visit to the Mission is well worth your time.


The Graves

Brian Pulido, independent filmmaker in Arizona, has started a blog and a MySpace page in support of his new film, "The Graves." The blog can be found here and the MySpace page is here.

We at Coyote Moon Films wish Mr. Pulido great success with this and future projects.


Se Habla Español, Day 3

We have completed filming on "Se Habla Español." Today we shot at two locations: Veinte de Agosto Park, and the Ronstadt Bus Station. We are grateful to the City of Tucson for their cooperation. The wrap party took place at El Minuto downtown, where everyone in attendance enjoyed good food and interesting conversation.

Post-production begins soon, but in the meantime, Coyote Moon Films would like to thank all who worked on the film for their passion for filmmaking. We had a happy set, and everyone contributed to that.


Se Habla Español, Day 2

Our second day of shooting wrapped earlier this evening. We filmed at La Buena (tortilleria), and are grateful to Mr. Abelardo Frisby and his excellent staff for their cooperation, patience and tamales. The innocent bystanders that I saw seemed to be entertained by the proceedings.

Se Habla Español, Day 1

Yesterday we finished our first day of shooting on the short film, "Se Habla Español." We are grateful to the Mission San Xavier del Bac for allowing to shoot there. More details (and images!) to come after we finish production.


La Ultima Playa

Jessica Montalvo, star of the Coyote Moon Films short "Se Habla Español," is also in a new Spanish-language feature that is screening in Tucson on March 20, 2009.

Event: Screening of feature film "La Ultima Playa" Spanish with English subtitles

Host: Nuestras Raices Festival, organized by Pima County Public Library

Time: Reception from 7p-8p screening from 8p-10p movie lasts about 1hour and 40 minutes but there will be a Q&A after

Where: Screening Room on Congress street, accross the street from Chicago music store. Opposite corner of bus station.

This is a free event and seating is limited.


Introductory Post

Welcome to the blog for Coyote Moon Films, located in Tucson, Arizona. We are currently working on our short film, "Se Habla Español," written and directed by Howard Allen and starring Jessica Montalvo. More details on this film will be posted as production progresses.