The Graves on SyFy

Our friend Brian Pulido's film, The Graves, will premiere on SyFy Sat. Oct. 2 at 9PM PT! (Check your local listings for the correct airtime in your area.)

Don't Take Our Word for It

ScriptDoctor provides some of the best screenplay advice around.

Your diagnosis arrived on Saturday. It was exactly what we were looking for! We were hoping you would point out areas that needed improvement - we knew we had hit a wall - and you did exactly that. We'd much rather hear constructive criticism than receive flowers and rainbows...

Thank you again,


Thanks for the diagnosis and medication! I like your style. Your suggestions are very helpful.
This is my first attempt at writing a screenplay and I'm still learning a lot of stuff. I really like and appreciate your positive comments along with the normal criticism. I've used two other script services on this so far and, after getting their evaluations, I felt kind of beat down. They tended to focus mostly on the bad stuff and very little, if at all, on the good stuff. I do understand that the purpose is to be critical. But I feel that, at least with me, it's important to inject some encouragement. So I thank you.

Thanks again!

Tommy Stoval

I found out about you through Creative Scriptwriting Magazine. I thought the evaluation was great. I always get mixed thoughts on the scene heading format. I'm really not sure what to do at this point. I liked your thoughts. I think it's hard to give feedback. I know that everyone is going to have something different to say, and that it would never stop. It's up to the writer to decide when it's great. It seemed like you believed in the same thing.

Tony Ortiz

Here's a little update...One of my Scripts is in Maverick Films Top 100 in
their screenplay contest. Although it is not the same one I sent to you [for] analysis, I pretty much followed your advice to create a top notch narrative! Thanks for your help...

Anthony Perticaro


Recommendation for Se Habla Español

We are planning to make more copies of CoyoteMoon Films' debut short Se Habla Español available for sale online and at several local (Tucson) stores; with the major holidays just around the corner, now is a good time to plan your gift lists, and we hope that you know a film lover (or a Tucson lover) who might appreciate Se Habla Español. Details for ordering copies of the film will me announced here when they are available.

Randall J. Garland, DDS, of Tucson had this to say about the film:

[My] wife Karen & I were really impressed with your film. We thought the images you captured were gorgeous (e.g., San Xavier). We thought the film nicely blended a light, sensitive approach to a controversial issue with the spirit of Christmas. We loved it. We truly were astounded at how skillfully made the film was. You had some great local humor in the film too (the immigrant ending up in Oro Valley). You’ve really got talent. We’re thinking about buying a number of copies for Christmas presents.

Event: Dead West

The Tucson Film & Music Festival is premiering Doug Myers' film "Dead West" on Saturday, October 9th at 7:30 pm at the Crossroads Festival. Buy tickets to the event early because it will likely sell out fairly quickly, and the filmmakers are hoping to change the venue to a larger theatre.

You can go on their site here to purchase tickets, and they may be available at the Hut.

Here's more information on the film itself:

Dead West - or The Rise of the Horror Genre and the Fall of the Western is the story of a western movie actor (Johnny Dust) still trying to make it big in a western film studio and theme park, when a 'new management team' takes over the park and turns the film studio into a fright-fest for the month of Halloween. Haunted by the image of his dead western movie hero, who appears to him on the little screen, Johnny unravels the real intent of management and its opening night 'spectacular', which takes place in the depths of the park's cave.


Mission San Xavier

Mission San Xavier del Bac was one of the locations for the CoyoteMoon Films short Se Habla Español. As ever, we are grateful to the Mission for allowing us to film in the chapel.

The Mission is in the midst of a massive restoration project which, due to the economy, is suffering funding issues. Anyone who would like to help the Mission complete its restoration can donate here.