All Hallow's Read

At CoyoteMoon Films, we tend to focus our attention on films. That said, we also like to read, and would like to do our small part to support to Neil Gaiman's idea of giving scary books to people in the days leading up to Halloween. About 3/4 down this page there a links to posts on various sources that list appropriate books for the occasion. And if you want to give a scary book to someone who prefers laughter with their chills, I'd like to suggest just about anything by Christopher Moore (e.g., "Bloodsucking Fiends").

ETA: There is now a FAQ for All Hallow's Read here.


Megan Guthrie

See CoyoteMoon Films' own amazing Megan Guthrie's newest venture. She's obviously on her way with Lyrical Lifestyle and CMF is lucky to have her too.


New media and publishing

J.A. Konrath wrote an article for the Huffington Post about how he and three other horror novelists (Blake Crouch, Jeff Strand, and F. Paul Wilson) wrote a book together and published through Amazon, bypassing the traditional print media, charging significantly less per copy ($2.99), and still receiving at least as much (or more) in royalties.

The book is Draculas, and its website is here, with a list of special features that is more impressive than some DVDs offer.

The trends in self-publishing in new media may not apply directly or immediately to film-making, if only because it costs much more to make a movie than to write a book, but some of the processes Konrath discusses may be important to the future of all media, and certainly should be of interest to new writers.