Launch Event: Se Habla Español

Last week's launch of "Se Habla Español" was a success.

Our director, Howard Allen.

Our star, Jessica Montalvo.

(Photos courtesy of Ginia Desmond.)



CoyoteMoon Films has a twitter account, which is likely to become much more active after tonight's launch of "Se Habla Español." You can follow us here.

Launch Event: Se Habla Español

"Se Habla Español" launches tonight at 7:00 pm. We are excited to see our film on the big screen with a live audience.

Our director, Howard Allen, has high hopes for CoyoteMoon Films, and "Se Habla Español" is only the beginning:

It takes a village of talented people to make a good film, and many of Tucson’s best took a chance on me and the new CoyoteMoon Films company to make this movie. Plus, CoyoteMoon has already assembled a team of highly acclaimed and successful industry consultants, including successful Arizona film company execs. In the current film marketplace an extraordinary opportunity is developing for micro-budget “renegade” independent films. Movies with outstanding production values comparable to Hollywood fare, and movies with a strong character-driven stories that stays with you long after viewing. We believe that a film’s success depends on more than the size of its budget. Every movie begins with a script -- with all of the magic and passion that a writer brings to the project. Then a CoyoteMoon Film will work with the best Arizona and national talent to bring unique characters to life. CoyoteMoon Films wants to follow Se Habla Espanol with our blues-music story, our magical healer story, our detective film-noir story or others we have in development.


Links - Coyote Moon Films in the News

Here is a link to the newspaper article mentioned in the previous post.

We have also received some kind words from the Tucson Weekly, which you can read for yourself here.

The Start of Something Big

The launch event seems to be shaping up nicely.

M. Scot Skinner had some kinds words for director Howard Allen and "Se Habla Español" in this morning's Arizona Daily Star (in the Caliente section).

We hope to have a strong turnout for the event, which takes place this Saturday, November 7 at 7:00 pm at the Crossroads Cinema. Admission is $8.