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Aspiring screenwriters should take a look at Jane Espenson's blog, which features good advice on the details of writing. She's especially good at explaining why some jokes work and others don't.


Howard Allen recommends...

I strongly recommend the current comedy release, City Island, with Andy Garcia, Emily Mortimer, Julianna Margulies, Alan Arkin and a great cast in a very funny family story with a prison guard dad who secretly wants to be an actor like Marlon Brando. The comedy and surprises are downright Shakespearean and a CoyoteMoon Films kinda film. --Howard Allen


We are developing several projects at the moment, including a microbudget thriller that recalls the style of Hard Candy, which featured an outstanding performance from Ellen Page (pre-Juno). We are also developing a documentary project and a web series (The Adventures of Wally Becker in the 21st Century), and we are applying for a Producer Forum award from the Independent Film Project; we hope this will lead to the production of our feature film, Line in the Sand.