Launch Event: Se Habla Español

CoyoteMoon Films will have its Launch Event showing Se Habla Espanol with Time And Again (winner of L.A. Filmfest) on Sat. Nov. 7 at Crossroads Cinema (Tucson, AZ) at 7pm. And we will have our “Christmas Present To And From Tucson:” the DVD package of Se Habla that includes Even A Gringa Can Make A Tamale, Behind The Scenes and a Ken Burns-style photo montage, Tucson: Two Cultures, featuring Tucson’s best photographers.


"Se Habla Español," etc.

"Se Habla Español" is complete, and we're looking forward to our launch, which we're planning for the end of October. More details as they become available.

The trailer is updated and can be viewed here.

Also, the local PBS station, KUAT, aired a piece on its newsmagazine, Arizona Illustrated, about digital technology that featured some footage from "Se Habla Español" and its accompanying making-of featurette. The direct link is here, and you can download the MPEG-4 (26.1 MB) from here. Our footage begins at about 1:20, and is reprised at the end of the piece.