ScriptDoctor's Contest of Contest Winners

FOR RELEASE: April 30, 2010


CONTACT: Howard Allen, thedoc@ScriptDoctor.com


There are dozens of screenwriting competitions held annually across the country. But which screenplay from among the winners of all of these quality competitions is the best of the best?

All of us at ScriptDoctor.com are amazed at the response – over 50 entrants -- in this the fifth year of our Contest. To show our gratitude, we took the extra time and expense of getting two judge’s evaluations emailed off to every single entrant in the Contest.

Who is the best of the best? The Contest of Contest Winners ™ hopes to answer that question and shine the spotlight on these accomplished, award-winning screenplays. A good showing in this contest proves your script stands out among the toughest competition. What a priceless marketing tool for your screenplay!

Our top ten Finalists also receive free Final Draft software.

Also as promised, we are directly contacting more than 200 publications, agencies and production companies with the names and screenplays of our 10 Finalists.

Our access to major studios and production companies is aided by the fact that many of our judges are working professionals. This includes ScriptDoctor manager, Howard Allen, and Mary Christine Haughom, who has been in the film business for over 25 years, starting out in the biz as Executive Assistant to the President of Filmways Picture, Inc. (formerly AIP), evaluating all scripts that made it past the Story Department and screened many films for the company for possible pick-up and distribution. And she made the rounds at the Cannes Film Festival and the American Film Market. Over the years, Chris evaluated scripts for AFI, CAA and many production companies, and also wrote many script novelizations. For the past 16 years, Chris has been a Judge for the Academy’s Nicholl Fellowships, reading over 250 scripts in a 4-month period each year.

Our First Place Winner receives the cash prize, storyboard software from FrameForge 3D, a free set of Story Notes from ScriptDoctor.com (valued at $700), as well as all of the prizes given to the top ten Finalists.

We would like to thank our sponsors and the great response we got from all of the contest winners who entered. We remind everyone that some Entrants qualified by being Quarter-Finalists or Semi-Finalists in certain contests like the Nicholl Competition (see our web site for details).

And now our winner:

Shrouded in Darkness by James Walker

A man is hunted by the CIA and the Kenyan anti-terror police after he is wrongly accused of a terrorist attack in Nairobi.

Contact: jamesjmwalker@gmail.com

And our Finalist winners in alphabetical order:

The Ace of Aces by Geoffrey Breuder

The true story of Richard Bong, a rookie pilot who makes a brazen bet to beat the kill record of America’s top-scoring ace during WWII. But as the deadly competition spirals out of control, he is forced to confront the bitter realities of war and what it means to be a real hero.

Contact: gbreuder@yahoo.com

Blood is Never Lost: by James Walker

A father rises through the ranks of the Albanian mafia in London in a bid to find his trafficked daughter.

Contact: jamesjmwalker@gmail.com

Canaries by Craig Cambria

An experiment in terrestrial biosphere living goes awry as mysterious changes both inside and out threaten the inhabitants.

Contact: crcambria@comcast.net

Cooper's War by Timothy Jay Smith
In this coming of age story, a deserter from the war in Iraq is given a chance to prove his patriotism, redeem himself for other past failures, and return home.

Contact: timothysmith.paris@gmail.com

The Junior Detectives and the Cities of Gold by Irin Evers

A boy who's afraid of the dark joins forces with other misfit kids to find a hidden treasure on a Caribbean island, but they'll have to overcome their phobias to triumph.

Contact: neuroticboy@me.com

Kheng Kheng Crocodile by Donna Lisa

A boy's life changes forever when he adopts a playful pet crocodile in this comical, action-filled adventure.

Contact: DonnaLisa.scripts@gmail.com

Mad Dog Run by Beverly Smith-Dawson

A vacationing single Mom, her 2 children and their dog pick up a wounded Sheriff's Deputy investigating mass dog attacks in the area. Together they battle canines and rabid pet owners to discover the cause of these mysterious attacks. But will they survive to warn the world?

Contact: ladyblacksmith2001@yahoo.com

Picture Me And You by Robert Keith Watson

An honesty-challenged paparazzo secretly snaps a topless photo of a superstar model but struggles to stop its publication after he falls in love with her.

Contact: robertkeithwatson@sbcglobal.net

Rebirth by T.L. Lewis

Inspired by a provocative true story of a womanizing Renaissance artist who finds the love that changes his life only to risk it all in a fight against the corruption and cruelty of church and state.

Contact: tllewis@mac.com and www.tllewis.net

A Tale of Water by Jason Wallach
When a multi-racial paradise is torn apart by the past they never knew, two teenagers instigate a chain of events that frees the people from their historic prejudices.

Contact: jasonwallach@att.net