Press Release: "Se Habla Español"

For Immediate Release
Nov. 7, Saturday, November 7, Crossroads Cinemas at 7pm

Coyote Moon Films releases their first short film, "Se Habla Español: A Christmas Poem," that includes a special Tucson DVD extras package.

Join their special guests, the filmmakers of "Time And Again (Una y Otra Vez)" that recently won Best Narrative Short Film at the Los Angeles Film Festival. The producer Diana Wade is from Tucson. And CoyoteMoon hopes to also bring the award winning writer/director Antonio Méndez Esparza in from New York.

The filmmakers at Coyote Moon Films are using "Se Habla Español" to introduce Tucson to the film company, which has several feature film scripts already in development. And the filmmakers of "Time And Again" have a chance to enter their movie in the Oscars Short Film competition.

The films go together in a couple wonderful ways: "Time And Again" is neo-realism with minimal production values but amazing cinema verité storytelling. "Se Habla Español" is highly produced with the latest technology, professional actors and a music score. Both are non-linear in the storytelling—more slices of lives--told well. Both have themes associated with the Latino culture inside the larger Anglo culture.

The DVD package for "Se Habla Español" includes a fun documentary, ”Even a Gringa Can Make A Tamale,” a photo montage entitled “Tucson: Two Cultures,” and a “Behind The Scenes” video that will make a fun Christmas present for and about Tucson

Meet the filmmakers, casts and crew. Admission is only $8.

A link to the theater is here.
Crossroads Cinema 4811 E. Grant Road Tucson, Arizona 85712 (520) 327-7067 info (520) 326-2929 office


Digital Art - "Se Habla Español"

For those who missed the "Arizona Illustrated" segment on Digital Art that included footage from Coyote Moon Films' short "Se Habla Español," it will be featured on KUAT's art journal, "ARTe," on Wednesday, October 14th at 9:30 pm, with an encore presentations on Sunday, October 18 at 2:30 pm and Sunday, October 25th at 10:00 pm. More detailed information about the show in general and this episode in particular are here.