Book or Film? - Samantha Christensen

This post was written by CoyoteMoon Films' Samantha Christensen as part of our ongoing discussion about watching movies based on novels.

When watching a movie based on a book do you prefer to watch the film first or read the book? Why?

In my younger days, I would always prefer to read the book first then see the movie that was made from it. However, my viewpoint has shifted I recent years. I have found that if I read the book first I will sit through the entire movie commenting to myself about inaccuracies, missing scenes, etc. That is not a good way to enjoy a movie. Now, when I watch a movie first, if I feel I got everything I needed from the story there is a good chance that I will not read the book at all. And if I do end up reading the book, it just adds to the story and fills in any informational gaps.